A Happy Birthday Note: The 10th Year

My Dear Beautiful Boy,

Well, well, well … look who’s crossing over into the double digits!

It has been a decade since you have snuggled up beside my heart and captivated it with your brilliant baby beauty.   Over these past ten years, it has been a joy to see your perfect little face mature,  your infectious laugh has been music to my ears and your increasingly witty personality has been a welcome treat.

Turning 10 is really exciting!  And, try as I might, I can no longer deny that you are a big boy.   However, you’re still not too big to be tucked in.  It is still ok to refuse to go to sleep until Stinky Bear is secure and right by your side.   I will still hold your hand when we walk in the street.   If you fall asleep on my bed, I will still carry you to yours — even if my arms protest against your weight.  I will do all these things and more … provided you do the dishes.

You may be small in stature, but you deliver big in the hearts of your friends and family.  You are equal parts funny and focused; playful and calm.  You have an incredibly compassionate and considerate personality.  Seriously, they don’t make fairy tales sweeter than you.

It is truly an honor being your mother.

Happy Birthday!


The Loving Mommy

Dear Aidyn …

You are my son.

Not until you have your own will you come to fully understand the privilege, the force, the pride and the integrity behind that statement.

I am your mother.

In your lifetime you will meet many other mothers, and not only will you realize that no two mothers are alike, but

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The Great American Uncoupling

I’m as big a celebrity watcher as most people are and am quite fond of the statements they release when some huge event — such as marriage, divorce, pregnancy, sex change — occurs in their lives.   Gwyneth Paltrow announcing the end of her 10 year marriage to Chris Martin via her blog reminded me

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Happy Birthday to My Little Big Boy

My Dearest Baby Boy,

We’ve known each other for well over nine years now and I am so proud of the little man that stands before me each day.  Age 9 is a fantastic age.

I thought for your 9th birthday, I’d list a few fun facts about the number 9:

When people say

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As of Late …

This has been the theme of my life as of late …

Filled with 2 parts sadness, 1 part feigned happiness …

Everything’s been … hazy.

Have you ever felt like you’re outside looking in?

Such has been life as of late …

Prone to random, hidden trickles of tears, followed by a smile

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Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life!

My Dearest Baby Boy,

Eight years ago you made me the happiest Mommy in the world with your birth!

It has been:

8 wonderful years of loving you to pieces …

8 years of kissing your face …

8 years of mending your boo-boo’s … (including the invisible ones) …

8 years of  in-depth

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This evening, my little boy had something to do with making someone’s night very… serendipitous … in every sense of the word.


I left work at roughly 6:20pm this evening and ventured toward Park Avenue to collect my boy from his father …

I work on the West side — making the undesirable

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Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!

My Dearest, Baby Boy:

Seven whole years have passed since Dr. Martas sliced Mommy open with a scalpel … and yanked you out.

At this time, 7 years ago, I was laying up in a hospital bed, numb from the waste down and waiting for the next steps …

It was a happy and

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Chasing Sleep

I’ve been chasing sleep for hours! …

What the fuck is so interesting about staying awake past midnight, anyway?

Milk won’t help … it’ll just give me a tummy ache.

I’m 33 y/o … why am I still saying tummy —



… something just caught my eye …

… a shadowy figure

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Aidyn’s Moment of Zen

On occasion, I like to ‘interview’ my little boy and ask him questions just to see what his thoughts are on a random topic.    A lot of the time, I’m just tired of listening to all the ‘experts’ opinions on these random topics and I’m trying to find a more ‘zen’ opinion.  

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