Aidyn’s Moment of Zen

On occasion, I like to ‘interview’ my little boy and ask him questions just to see what his thoughts are on a random topic.    A lot of the time, I’m just tired of listening to all the ‘experts’ opinions on these random topics and I’m trying to find a more ‘zen’ opinion.   I find the simplicity and honesty of his answers so very refreshing … and, of course, I find them hysterical!


Aidyn’s Thoughts on … Pink Polish-Gate

Several months ago there was a ‘big controversy’ (sarcastically speaking) involving J.Crew’s president, Jenna Lyons painting her son’s nails pink in a J.Crew ad campaign/catalog. I think it’s ridiculous that anybody made a big deal out of this very tender and sweet moment between a playful parent and her little boy.  The people against this ad say it’s an inappropriate example for children, etc.  Since kids are, supposedly, the affected party, I wondered if my little boy thought this was a huge mistake like everyone at Fox News. So I asked him:

Me: So … um … Aidyn?

Aidyn: (playing w/ some items on the table) Yeah …?

Me: (small voice/almost a whisper) wannapaintyournailswithMommy?

Aidyn: (immediately stops playing w/ items on the table and looks up at me with a “wtf” look on his face) … What?! I can’t do that!

Me: (regretting the question; quickly trying to change the subject.  Just as I’m wallowing in disappointment over his response … Aidyn finishes his sentence … )

Aidyn:  (lifts his hand, showing me his ring finger) … I have a cut on my finger! The band-aid is over my nail!



Aidyn’s Thoughts on … Homosexuality

Now, before you think I blatantly asked my son if he thought it was ok for same sex couples (or triples …) to have sex … I didn’t!  Like most important conversations, I decided on taking to a book to ask for me!    When I first heard about the book, “And Tango Makes Three”, I was vegging out on my couch at 11am, some day, during the work week, watching The View.  Whoopie was explaining how the book – About gay penguins that live in the Central Park Zoo who were given an orphaned egg. They hatched the egg and out came Tango — their baby penguin. They live as a family at the zoo. — was banned in Virgina (can’t remember if it was banned in the entire state or just at one location/book store/library, etc). Anyway, so I thought this was horrible! Why would a book like this be banned. Of course, it was a clear case of homophobia.  The reason for the banning: it’s inappropriate for children.  I refuse to have a child with even an ounce! of bigotry or prejudice. I strive to teach him to be open-minded and respectful of all people (except republicans, tea-partiers and priests …).  I, quickly, purchased the book for my little boy and nabbed a copy for my twin nieces, as well.

I read the book to Aidyn. I explained how the two boy penguins wanted to have a baby but couldn’t. I explained how lucky they were to be given an egg of their very own to hatch and how much they loved the baby penguin named Tango. I asked him what he thought about these two boy penguins raising this baby penguin …

Me: So … um … what do you think about Tango and his two daddy’s, Roy and Silo. Isn’t it so cute that they got their baby to raise??

Aidyn: (silence … fidgets w/ a toy)

Me: (shit! I’ve made him so uncomfortable he can’t deal with the content)  You know … it doesn’t matter who cares for babies as long as they’re loved and taken good care of …

Aidyn: (just continues playing w/ toy)

Me: Um … so … what do you think?  of the story?  I’m so happy Tango got some great parents.  Roy and Silo are great daddies, aren’t they —

Aidyn: (cutting me off and squinting his eyes as if pondering something …) … you know something … … … I have boy in my class named Roy?


So!  you see, Fox News/Republicans/wrong people!  You have no idea what you speak of!  Kid’s don’t give a shit about what you deem ‘inappropriate‘ … and even though sometimes kids’ say ‘the darndest’ things and they ramble on about nonsense, they still have the ability to teach us ‘adults‘ something about respect, friendship, overall humanity and what’s really important!  And according to my little boy on this particular day:  it’s not shocking that two males want to have and raise a baby … And it’s perfectly  fine to be a boy and paint your nails with your mother, so long as you don’t have a band-aid covering your finger!

2 comments to Aidyn’s Moment of Zen

  • Mill

    LMFAO!!! does he really have a classmate named Roy?? He’s so flippin funny!!

  • Polymer Clay Snails

    I don’t know. I’m assuming so …that’s what he said. He could give a shit that two boy penguins were shacking up and hatching babies. Did you know that the baby girl penguin, Tango, went on to mate w/ another girl lol and that her two dads broke up …Roy stayed single and Silo shacked up w/ a female LOL .. it’s like a soap opera!

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