This is my first! official post on my first! official portfolio/photography website!

I’m excited!

This first post is about my growing obsession and passion for photography.  Every year groups of people get together and do some kind of photo project.  The most popular ones involve taking and posting a new photo every day.  This group is asking that we post every week.  And with that I present you “Let’s Do 52″ created by Annie Manning of Paint the Moon.

The project is in it’s 3rd week, but I neglected to post my 2nd week assignment (which was “Together” or “Metal”). I chose “Together“. This is my photo for “Together”.

Today, my little boy and I printed out some “arts & crafts” thingy from I’m not too familiar with this cartoon, “Adventure Time”, but this is what he decided we should print out.

Mine, is the boxy character … his, the hot dog.


  1. Melissa
    Posted 19 Jan ’11 at 12:26 pm | #

    Awe! How cute! Yay for the photo blog! But if you dont mind some constructive criticism…while reading this all I wanted to do was edit it! It’s driving me crazy! Lol but good job me lady!

    • Posted 19 Jan ’11 at 9:38 pm | #

      Um … Aidyn has more interest in writing than you do, I might say. You HAD your chance to have a blog and blew it! So, I can’t take you’re “editing” comment very seriously now could I …


  2. Posted 19 Jan ’11 at 10:50 pm | #

    Really excited and happy about the new website! I love your photographs, which is why I want you to take my photos. I know you’ll make me look as hot as that hot dog…and your cat lol.

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