Sweet Tart

Usually the word “tart” means some unsavory little slut, but in this case it refers to one of my favorite childhood treats!  My little boy received some of the retro candy at my nephew’s birthday party.  Instead of eating them right away, he did what he usually does with candy before eating it right away — he played with them.  He lined them up … he made some shapes …

Then … we ate them!


  1. Posted 29 Jan ’11 at 9:11 pm | #

    Hi Nydia,

    I’ve only just answered the comment you had left on my other site (WP Guru dot co dot uk) – it had accidentally made its way into the spam filter. Bad Akismet!

    I just wanted to stop by and tell you what struck me: you’ve come such a long way in such a short period of time! Yuo’ve done all this in a couple of weeks – well done! Sometimes we forget when we’re absorbed in the process that it was different not so long ago. That’s why I like blogging (or any diary-like project): it shows you irrefutably what you’ve achieved.

    Photography is part of my life too and like yourself I’m totally addicted to it. Have fun snapping and sharing – the internet is a marvellous place to share with a worldwide audience.

    All the best from London ;-)

  2. Posted 29 Jan ’11 at 9:12 pm | #

    PS: Loving the Candy Pictures!

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