Easter 2012

This year I decided to dye our Easter eggs using natural ingredients.  I found several sites that gave a list of ingredients.  The fact that I didn’t naturally own any of the suggested ingredients, made for a very expensive Easter egg dyeing experience …

The results were ‘ok’ … but despite this tepid reaction, I really do like the uniqueness of the outcome.

I used purple cabbage leaves to produce the blue eggs …

Grape juice produced the gray ones … they’re so cute, they look like river stones!

Paprika + chili powder produced the light yellow/orange ones (one of the eggs cracked, oops) …

Beet juice + red tea produced a couple of dark orange ones — although I really thought they would come out more reddish when judging by the color of the “dye”

And spinach leaves produced the light yellow/greenish one — this one frustrated my son the most as the egg still appeared white after an overnight stay in the spinach dip

The whole experience has exhausted the boy and he’s adamant we never do this again — however, I may convince him otherwise come next year.

Let’s see.









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