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Introducing …

This!  Is me.

In real life I have a full face, arms, legs … the works!

I really suck at “About Me’s” … So, this section will probably evolve over time.

Here goes:

I’m a single mommy to a 10y/o burst of sunshine.  My relationship with photography began like many other great love affairs.  We happened upon each other and the next thing I knew, I just couldn’t get enough of it.  It’s safe to say that we’re beyond third base at this point.

I’m a total ‘Dreamer’ by day … And complete ‘mommarazzi’ and avid photographer after school and beyond …

I love how a single photograph can say so much and evoke such strong feelings without uttering a single word.  I’ve come to realize that photograph’s aren’t just pictures, but little moment’s in time, pieces of art …

It’s a hobby now, but I’m hoping one day to pursue it professionally. My photos are mainly taken with my iPhone5S and various apps (because it’s ALWAYS with me and takes a mean pic!) but I also use my Nikon D5000 for bigger projects.

I don’t know where I’ll ultimately end up, but I sincerely hope it’s with a booming, successful career in photography. 😀

You can visit my personal blog Polymer Clay Snails …  where you can read all about my life as a single mom.